Gromperekichelcher Cordon Bleu

Gromperekichelcher Cordon Bleu

Published on 5/19/2022

Super quick and easy to prepare, this culinary specialty made with grated potatoes is a variation of potato pancakes found in quite a few countries, mainly in Europe.
It is also called “Grumpere Kirchechen” or “Grampapa Kische”.
Here they will be stuffed with cheese and ham to make them even more delicious!


Peel the potatoes and grate finely. Season with salt then put in a colander and press to extract as much liquid as possible.

Pour enough peanut oil into a skillet to cover the entire bottom.
Heat the oil and check if it is hot enough by dropping a small piece of grated potato into the oil – if it starts to fry, the temperature is good.
Place half of the potato mixture in the pan to form 2 Gromperekichelcher, flatten them and fry on each side for about 2-3 minutes.
Remove from pan and drain on paper towel.
Repeat with the remaining dough and make 2 more potato pancakes.
Fry on one side for 2 minutes, flip and cover the fried sides with ¼ grated cheese, half a slice of ham and the remaining cheese, then cover with the Gromperekichelcher that have already been fried.

Continue frying for 2 minutes, so that the cheese melts and the Gromperekichelcher become crispy.

Serve straight away with a spoonful of applesauce and a green salad.

Total time 20 min
Serving 2
Preparation 15 min
Cooking 6 min
floury potatoes
500 g
Peanut oil for frying
1 tablespoon
large slice of ham
1 teaspoon
grated gouda cheese
50 g