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As a retailer, it is primordial for us to build and keep a sustainable consumption approach.

This responsibility is shared with our entire ecosystem: our shopkeepers, our collaborators, our partners, and you. Whatever our actions and offers are, we ensure that each one of them is respectful of the environment and society, making life better for everyone.

Fighting against food waste

Every year, 128 tons of foodstuffs are taken off of our shelves and Drives way before their best-before date. That surplus food is prepared in the Stëmm vun der Strooss workshop kitchens and distributed as warm meals and food packages to those in need.

Waste sorting

More than 1,040 tons of cardboard and 85 tons of plastic are recycled every year.

Better energies management

Our electricity usage has gone down 26% between 2016 and 2017: our food refrigerating systems have been replaced and 100% of our lighting in galleries, stores and parking lots have been substituted for LED lamps.

Protecting biodiversity

Through a partnership with the city of Luxembourg, we stopped using pesticides. Since this decision, a lot of rare or threatened plants species bloomed again in our parks and gardens!

Responsible actions

Reducing our environmental footprint

Working on our environmental impact is now essential to protect our planet. We are committed to keep our environmental footprint as low as possible.

Responsible actions

Favouring local providers

All our merchants, wherever they come from, commit to favour local products, grown and farmed close to our stores and to establish direct partnerships with small farmer and manufacturers. That is how we guarantee you the freshest products, while supporting local job creation and limiting our carbon footprint.

Quality required

From field to plate

From production to shelf, traceability ensures that our products are as fresh as possible for you. Several verifications are done at every step of their journey to make sure that the food we propose is fully safe. The whole Auchan family takes special care in guaranteeing the precise origin of each and every product!

Quality required

Naturally healthy food

We are convinced that a healthy and balanced diet is key to be healthy. That is why we encourage the purchase of and put the focus on sustainable, local or organic products. And to guide you and help you have a better diet everyday, we created our health programme La Vie en Bleu, for you.

The Auchan Foundation for Youth

Through our Auchan Foundation for Youth, we support a lot of health, integration and education’s projects. For more than 20 years, our shopkeepers have supported and sponsored local organisations to help young people from close districts and cities.


euros of yearly and international budget


young people followed our the programme since 1996


supported projects



Let’s all stand together!

As a brand present in 17 countries, we are involved in economic development and in the fight against inequalities. By relying on strong partnerships, we act locally by organising distributions of food packages and by collecting a variety of goods that are given out or recycled, to help those in need.