Solidarity, a core value!

Let’s share our community actions in Luxembourg! In our retail field, fighting against food waste is a major concern — and at Auchan, it is at the heart of our actions. We are especially committed to foster circular economy and reduce waste in our stores. Every day, our teams make this commitment come true through various actions in partnership with local organisations.

Responsible actions

Avoiding wasting everyday!

To keep waste as low as possible, we train and make all our teams aware of waste-sorting and food stock management. We pay attention to our products’ best-before dates and put forward the ones with the shortest best-before dates.

Our partnership with Stëmm Vun Der Strooss

We give away unsold food to the poorest members of our community in keeping with hygiene standards and legislation. In Luxembourg, our teams have been working since 2009 with Stëmm Vun Der Strooss, a local organisation that fosters social and professional integration of the underprivileged. Together, we have collected unsold food from our stores and turn it into warm meals and food packages meant for the organisation’s beneficiaries.

Everyone was very enthusiastic and satisfied about this collaboration, so in 2014 we decided to strengthen it by creating our “Stemm Caddy”. 15 people who are following a professional reintegration program work for this organisation, fully dedicated to transforming and distributing food collected in our stores. Thanks to this workshop, we have distributed much more food by fully still abiding by cold chain and food safety policies.


warm meals prepared and given out everyday


tons of food collected


people following a professional reintegration program


pickups of food every week

Since 2009, Stëmm Vun Der Strooss collects food that has a short use-by date from Auchan Luxembourg. Part of this food is used to prepare warm meals that are served in our facilities. The rest is transformed and then given out in food packages throughout the country.

Alexandra Oxacelay, executive of Stëmm Vun Der Strooss

And if some food gets unfit for human consumption, it is not completely lost! We also have a partnership with the Bettembourg zoo which we give all meat and vegetables that would otherwise be destroyed to feed the animals.

Giving your clothes a second life

The circular economy is also for non-food products. We often collect clothes that fill several purposes. 15 of our team members have collected school bags several times in exchange for 10 euros coupons. Thanks to them, three pallets have been given to the Order of Malta for underprivileged kids in Romania.

Acting for the right to education

From September 5th to September 23rd, 2017, we celebrated our tenth charity action with the organisation SOS Villages d’Enfants Monde. This organisation, that has been active since the 90s, have been helping more than 7,300 children and their parents in Niger – a country regularly undergoing food crises – through programmes fostering education, health and community and social actions.

Do you want to support this action? You can! When you come to our stores, make a donation when checking out or by choosing products for which we commit to give 1 euro to the organisation.

Promouvoir l'éducation ...

Depuis 2017, Auchan Luxembourg organise la collecte de cartables d’occasion auprès des parents en faveur de l’Ordre de Malte. Leur mission ? Rendre l’éducation accessible à tous. Nous échangeons tout cartable d’occasion en bon état contre un bon d’achat de 20€ utilisable pour acheter des fournitures scolaires.

... et la protection de l'environnement !

Les cartables ainsi collectés seront donnés à la fin de la saison (courant septembre) à l’antenne Luxembourgeoise de l’Ordre de Malte qui va les envoyer dans les pays où l’association intervient. Depuis quelques années, les sacs partent à Bucarest en Roumanie ou restent au Luxembourg et sont remis aux réfugiés en situation précaire.