Preserve our environment, reduce our plastic footprint!

Nature-friendly shopping

Environment preservation is important to us, this is why we want our stores to be plastic bag free. Our goal is to increase your awareness in using other alternatives.

Plastic bags, are they really harmful?

These bags constantly used during your shopping are an important source of pollution for the environment. At the end of their lifetime, most of plastic bags are not sorted nor recycled. The government refuses to treat them because they are too light to make their recycling affordable. Therefore, 80% of plastic bags end up in the trash and have a tendency to fly away and end up in our landscapes.

Harmless alternatives to replace plastic bags exist! Make a gesture for our environment!

Using plastic bags in our stores is harmful for the environment. We use them to put our fruit and vegetables, our meat, our fish…
Here at Auchan, we decided it was time to act together.
This is why we give you the possibility to buy washable bags in our stores to transport your fruit and veggies. They cost only €0.35 per bag and you will make a gesture that matters!

Regarding the fresh products like fish, meat and cheese, you can bring your own transparent containers!
For sanitary reasons, your products will still be wrapped in paper.

This gesture will also help you to save money.
Since January 2019, every plastic bag is sold €0.03.