Quality at the heart of our expectations! An all-time commitment

At Auchan, we believe quality should be a permanent goal.

This value guides us in choosing our products, is shared by our partners and found in all the services we provide. Our promise? To make your everyday life better by offering you the best!

Freshness of our products

All our products are farmed and prepared with the utmost respect for our environment, people, quality and taste. We work with trusted farmers, complying with a set of though predefined specifications. We have also set several deliveries of our fruits and vegetables throughout the day everyday in our stores so you get freshest high quality produces, preserving their nutritional values and flavours!

Quality, a matter of responsibility

All our merchants are committed to build a sustainable world. At Auchan, we make quality equals responsibility. For you, we select products that are grown and bred with the utmost respect for the environment, people and taste, by favouring local and organic products. Food safety is crucial for us as well. All the team members who handle our fruits and vegetables are specifically trained and wear gloves at all time.

Guaranteeing the best

To help you in your choice and let you find local products easily, we promote “Marque Nationale” and “Produits du Terroir” labels. Those labels include a lot of everyday products and meet strict state demands and standards. Beef, pork, potatoes, flour, butter… all our producer offer you the best they have!

The sense of service is our signature

All our merchants – butchers, fishmongers, bakers and confectioners – do their job with passion and guarantee you the best, from the delivery in our workshop to your plate! They share their passion and expertise while truly listening your demand. Recipes, best deals, know-how, they are there to advise you and inspire you!

By your side

To make you life easier and better everyday, our merchants use their passion and expertise to meet strict expectations in terms of traceability, quality and taste in order to provide you with an always-better service!