Our thousand and one little things! Products and services adapted to all your desires

At Auchan, our shopkeepers are there to understand your expectations and guide you in your choices.

More than a job, we are driven by passion which always makes us improve the quality of our offer to provide you with a service that truly fits your needs.

Simply giving you the choice

To meet your needs in the best possible way, we commit to offering you the widest range of products, whatever your budget is. Our merchants have always tried their best to satisfy you by understanding each one’s specificities: whether you are looking for organic, ethical, local or gluten-free food, our products are adapted to all your needs!

A customised service

Do you need advice in the aisles? You will find stations that let you “call a storekeeper” from the given department and they will be notified that you need them!

The Wellness Box

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is the best way to have a healthy and vitamin-filled diet. To make it easier, Auchan Drive offers you an exclusive Wellness Box which contains a kilogram of fresh and seasonal fruits or vegetables. One of the staples that will help you to eat better, in just a click!