Realize your projects with our financing solutions

At Auchan, we help you to realize the projects that you really care about. Discover our payment plan, simple solutions designed to help you in your purchases! To meet all your needs, our advisers work with you to develop a solution that is personalised to your situation and your project.

Financing options

Two financing options are available to you so that you can carry out the project of your choice:

Buy Way

Discover our solutions
for Luxembourg’s residents
and Belgian borderers


Discover our financing
solutions exclusively
for French borderers

Buy Way

For our Luxembourg and Belgian customers, Buy Way presents itself as an advantageous financing solution, with two options to choose from:

Credit at 0% rate with opening of a Buy Way card (12 € / year) – thanks to the card, you have the possibility of financing at 0% rate 3 to 5 times without charge, throughout the year ;

6.90% credit without opening a Buy Way card, over a period of 4 to 10 months.


If you are French, you can also have access to two financing solutions thanks to Cetelem:

Credit at 0% rate without or with opening of a Cetelem card (free) – you can make purchases all year round, at 0% rate, from 3 to 5 times;

Credit at 8.90% rate without opening a Cetelem card, over a period of 4 to 10 months.

Solution de financement : comment ça marche ?

Do you have a project to carry out but you need a financing solution?

We are there by your side to support you through our financing options.

If you are between 18 and 81 years old, you can qualify for a financing offer, if you have one of the following statuses:

-> Employee on a permanent contract;

-> CDD employee, if the financing contract ends before the end of the contract;

-> State pension or annuity (invalidity);

-> Craftsmen and self-employed, with a minimum activity of 2 full years;

-> People on maternity leave (special request which requires a call for the creation of the file).

How to apply for funding?

Rest assured, it is very simple and very fast! All you need to do is provide the following:

-> A valid identity document – identity card, passport, identity card of the country of origin for foreign residents outside the EU, residence permit of at least 10 years;

-> A French RIB made up of the name and address, or a French RIB and a Visa card;

-> A computerized proof of address – electricity, gas, telephone bill, etc. ;

-> A salary slip.

Once your request is accepted, you can indulge yourself and finally carry out the project that is important to you!