Easy to give.
Fun to receive.

Offer all Auchan in a single gift card. Make your choice from any amounts up to €400 and offer to your family or your loved ones the perfect present! Gift cards are available in any Auchan store in Luxembourg and soon at Auchan Drive.

Welcoming experience

Offer all Auchan!

Gift cards can be spent in any departments of your Auchan store! This makes it THE perfect present to please anyone anytime 😉 Still hesitating? Let yourself be convinced by one of our gift ideas!

Carte Cadeau Auchan Luxembourg

How does it work?

Gift cards can be found at the checkout or at the welcome desk of your store. All you have to do is to ask one of our hostesses! Your gift card can then be used immediately

Utilisable en plusieurs fois

Usable in
several times

The balance available on your gift card can be used at once or in several times. Just enter the amount that you would like to use when proceeding to checkout.

Jusqu'à 400€ de cadeau

Up to €400
of presents!

Choose the card according to your wish: €25 or €50. Fancy something tailored? Opt for a custom amount and offer a gift card with a balance of up to €400!

Valable jusqu'à 24 mois

Valid up to
24 months!

Gift cards are valid up to the 24 months – see the date of the back. How convenient to please your loved ones whatever the event throughout the year!

Get inspired!

Discover every week in our catalogues the product selections made for you according to your current desires. Get inspired with all the current trends!

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