Speed up your shopping for the whole family

Auchan innovates for your in-store purchases to change. Do your shopping with Easy Scan, an unprecedented service designed to save time and keep your expenses under control. Choose your favourite products, scan them with a scanning device to add them to your basket to access a simplified payment experience.

Welcoming experience

60 secondes.

With Easy Scan, the total amount of your basket is displayed as you scan your products. Are you done shopping? Scan your Auchan loyalty card at the cash desk. Choose your favourite payment method. There you go. In less than a minute, it’s paid!

Ready. Steady? Scan!

To start an Easy Scan session, simply scan your loyalty card then press the button under the screen of the scanning device. Looking for assistance? Our staff member are at your disposal to help you and answer your questions!

Start your Easy
Scan session

Scan your shopping with Easy Scan. It’s the easiest thing to do : get – free of charge – a scanning device at the entrance of your store and scan your products !

Available for everyone

You can also get – free of charge – a scanning device at all entrances of your store.

Scan all
your products

Choose your favourite products and scan the bar code on the packaging of the products to add or to remove them to / from your basket. It’s as simple as that !

Scan your desires

If you take or put back several quantities of the same item, remember to scan it as many times as necessary. Little clumsiness? Slide the button on delete and scan the item that you want to remove from your basket. And there are go!

Did you know ? The bar code is usually on the side or bottom of the product.

Go to checkout
and pay

Scan your Auchan card on self-checkout machine to retrieve your basket in the blink of an eye. Pay using the payment method of your choice. And there you go !

A card game

Done shopping? Plug the scanning device to an Easy Scan cash register. Once at the checkout, scan your Auchan Luxembourg loyalty card and follow the instructions on the screen.

Looking for assistance? Please ask our staff member for help!

Always at the
right price

The price is always the same as the one displayed at the checkout. The amount saved also appears for products on discount.


Control your budget becomes even simpler. Thanks to Easy Scan, the total amount to be paid is instantly calculated!

Loyal to

Thanks to Easy Scan, you automatically benefit from all your loyalty benefits when you proceed to checkout.