Lighten up your shopping. Go to the Drink Shop!

Auchan acts for your daily life to change and creates the Drink Shop to lighten up your shopping. Order your heavy or voluminous products, we load them free of charge into your car boot. Deposits to return? Bring back your empty bottles and crates, we deduct the amount of what you returned from your receipt!

Convenient services

Shopping. Lighten up.

Place your order – directly on the spot – among our selection of heavy and voluminous products. Our team prepares your order and delivers it to you immediately! Convenient, isn’t?

Où se trouve le Drink Shop ?

Laissez-vous guider par nos flèches jusqu’au niveau du Drink Shop de votre parking dans vos magasins Auchan Kirchberg (-3) et Auchan Opkorn (-1).

Quels sont les horaires d'ouverture ?

Auchan Kirchberg : Du lundi au samedi de 8h à 20h
Auchan Opkorn : Du lundi au samedi de 10h à 19h30

What products are available at the Drink Shop?

Here is a small selection of products that you can find at the Drink Shop in order to do your shopping more serenely.

Water & Fruit Juice

Sparkling or flat? Fancy a fruit juice? Find all our light and refreshing drinks in the format that suits you best. Moisturize all your desires!

Beers & Kegs

Pils, fruity, white, triple, trappist, discover our selection of beers for all your desires. With or without a deposit or in barrels, many formats are available.

Wine & Spirits

Wine, sparkling wine or other spirits, discover our wide selection of drinks for all your events or the simple pleasure of enjoying an exceptional product!

Laundry & Cleaning

Washing powder, washing-up liquid, toilet paper, paper towels, find our selection of everyday products no matter if they are heavy or bulky!


Fresh, full-cream? Organic milk? Find all our milk drinks !

Pet shop

You can also find – in the Drink Shop or with the Drive Express service – products for your beloved pets including litter for your cats!

Convenient services

Deposits collect point

The Drink Shop service also allows you to return your empty bottles and crates with a deposit. We unload them from your car boot and we deduct the amount of refunds from your receipt!