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Auchan acts to help you take care of yourself and your family. Discover our health and beauty products in your store’s drugstore. Our teams of experts will be happy to offer you tailor-made advice and present the products best suited to your needs.

Affordable prices

Loyalty program

Did you know ? Your drugstore also rewards your loyalty. Take advantage of a € 10 discount for every € 200 of purchase in one of our stores equipped with a drugstore. Apply for your card, it’s free!

Need advice?

We are at your disposal to present the products best suited to your needs. Discover our range of products to take care of your children or your baby.

Discover all the parapharmacy products

For you and your whole family, discover the products available in your drugstore.

Baby care

Discover our wide selection of products to take care of baby: creams for sensitive or dry skin, thermometer, childcare accessories.

Skin Care Products

Take care of yourself with ease thanks to our range of products to take care of your skin including our sun products to protect you from burns.

Care for children

Find everything you need to treat your children’s skin problems: day creams, night creams, skin irritation or acne problem.

Hair care

Find shiny, easy-to-style hair with our easy-to-use hair care products. Also discover our range of coloring for your hair!

Food supplements

Need energy? Discover in your drugstore our range of food supplements: vitamins, magnesium, iron to get back in shape!

Many organic products

Your drugstore offers most of your favorite organic products: essential oils, beauty products, creams or even shower products.

Quality required

Designed to travel

Discover all our products in travel size to prepare your toiletry bag with confidence! Our products respect the limitations of liquid that you can take on the plane. Convenient, isn’t it?