The Auchan programme.
How to become a member?

Joining our loyalty programme is very simple and free. To take full advantage of the benefits of the loyalty programme, remember to keep your account information up to date to receive our invitations and personalised offers!

Welcoming experience

Loyal to yourself.

As a convenience store, we pay special attention to our customers. Our loyalty programme – available for free to anyone – allows you to accumulate euros on food products from the brand Auchan and from national brands.

Become an Auchan member!

Joining the Auchan loyalty programme allows you to take advantage of many benefits and exclusive services for free. Did you know? Your loyalty card is also accessible from our Mobile App!

Introduce yourself to the welcome desk of your Auchan store.
Complete the membership form on a dedicated terminal. The registration is absolutely free !
To receive our personalised offers and invitations, please note that you must check the box "I agree to receive offers from Auchan".
Your loyalty card will be given to you by one of our hostess.