Eat healthier, it's pretty easy!

Eating makes you feel good! Every day, food provides you with all the things your body needs to function. It is also the one who brings you together around a table and awakens your taste buds.

And how about on the plate?

A balanced diet applies at every meal, during the day and also throughout the week and begins with the races.

Fruit, vegetables in abundance, meat, fish, eggs and pulses by varying them. Yoghurts, milk, cheese by alternating them. Cereals and starches, preferring them whole. Unlimited water and gourmet food from time to time.

How to balance your plate




starchy foods



The nutri-score, a nutritional landmark

The Nutri-Score can help you choose your products better. How?

By adopting the products with the best rating in their category. It also allows you to identify the foods to favor in your diet, most often noted A or B, and those to limit during the day.

Raw foods above all!

Touch, smell, choose, cut, peel, cook: is there a better way than to prepare your meals to appreciate all the richness of food?

In your diet, focus on raw and minimally processed foods that you prepare yourself. Cooking can be simple, quick and tasty: just a few utensils and anything is possible!