General Conditions of Use
for WiFi Internet Access

Wifi Internet access is provided by Auchan Luxembourg SA and its Drives shopping centers. The use of the WiFi service is free subject to acceptance of the following General Conditions of Use.

In order to take advantage of the WiFi service, Auchan Luxembourg SA and its Drives advise all users:

  • take good care of their IT equipment;
  • never leave their laptops or personal assistants unattended;
  • pay attention to consumption (liquids or solids) that could damage their equipment;
  • make sure you have a suitable and up-to-date antivirus;
  • to use this service in safe conditions for themselves and others.

1. The use of the WiFi service is subject to compliance by the user with the following principles, it being specified that any use of the service implies irrefutable acceptance by the user, without a signature being necessary, of these principles, notwithstanding compliance with the laws and regulations in force.

2. The following provisions apply to all users of the service.

3. The user undertakes not to use the service for purposes contrary to the clean label, illegal, prohibited or illegal or contrary to public order and decency.

4. As such, the user must comply, without this list being exhaustive, with the regulations relating to:

  • privacy and respect for everyone;
  • copyright and intellectual and industrial property, including multimedia creations, software, texts, press articles, photos, sounds, images of all kinds, trademarks, patents, designs and models, it being specified that any mention relating to the existence of rights on these elements and / or data and / or files cannot be deleted and that any reproduction of a work or any of these elements and / or files and / or data without the consent of the rights holder constitutes an infringement;
  • automated processing of personal data;
  • compliance with public policy rules with regard to the content of information which could be put online on the Internet, affecting the integrity or the sensitivity of network users by accessing messages, images or texts provocative;
  • the secrecy of correspondence and the prohibition on the interception of communications made by telecommunications.

5. The user, in the context of using the service, also undertakes to:

  • not to collect or collect information concerning third parties without their consent;
  • not defame, disseminate, harass, stalk, threaten anyone, or violate the rights of others;
  • not to create or use a false identity;
  • not attempt to obtain unauthorized access to a service and / or to data and / or to a file;
  • not to distribute or allow to download all the elements containing the software or other elements protected by intellectual property rights, unless he holds these rights or has received all the necessary authorizations;
  • not to send spam and not to spam;
  • not to send a message and / or electronic message including insulting, defamatory, obscene, indecent, illicit words or infringing any right, in particular the rights of the human person and the protection of minors;
  • not to transmit viruses, Trojans, logic bombs or any other harmful or destructive program to third parties and / or other users;
  • not attempt to obtain or maintain unauthorized access to an automated data processing system;
  • not to disturb the services and / or content and / or data to which it accesses;
  • not send chain letters or offer so-called snowball or pyramid sales;
  • not send advertising, promotional messages, or any other form of unwanted solicitation to other users.

6. The user acknowledges having received all the necessary information concerning the specifications and terms of use of the service, which has automatic protection software for the purpose of selecting or restricting access to certain sites, servers or data.

7. It is up to the user to verify that he has the hardware, software and browsers allowing him to use the service. Auchan Luxembourg SA and its Drives shopping center is in no way responsible for said equipment chosen under the responsibility of the user, who is also responsible for the security and protection of its equipment.

8. The Auchan Luxembourg SA shopping center and its Drives, at the request of third parties and / or any competent authority, reserves the right to temporarily or definitively suspend any use of the service without liability being sought and without that the user cannot claim any compensation or repair.

9. In general, in no case shall the Auchan Luxembourg SA and its Drives shopping center be liable to repair the direct and / or indirect damage suffered as a result of the use of the service by the user, the latter recognizing that the Kirchberg shopping mall cannot be responsible for the content accessed by the user and that accessibility to content and services is not guaranteed and may be suspended without notice.

10. The Auchan Luxembourg SA shopping center and its Drives inform users of the service that the new provisions applicable in the fight against terrorism imply for the access provider that it must keep operational data for a maximum period of 12 months. of communications made by users, namely: sender, recipient, time, duration and place of origin of communications with the exception of their content.

11. By accepting the general conditions of use of the WiFi service, you authorize the Auchan Luxembourg SA shopping center and its Drives to use your contact details, E-mail and mobile phone number, in the context of informative and commercial contacts.

You acknowledge that your equipment, its content and the use of the WiFi Internet service are your sole responsibility.