Eating organic food, every day!

A healthy and responsible diet

Every year more and more of our customers are shifting to organic products. And so, with good reason: an organic diet is as good for your health than it is for our planet!


With no pesticides, synthetic chemical products or genetically modified organisms (GMOs), organically farmed products retain all their nutrients and vitamins, and improve your health throughout the year!


High quality products that respect the environment, biodiversity and animal welfare.


From an environmental and an economic perspective! Local agriculture helps create new jobs, every year.

Organic food can be cheaper than industrialised prepared dishes!

At Auchan, we believe a healthy diet is essential to a better life. That is why we are committed to offering you every day a wide range of organic products that everyone can afford!

And for those willing to eat organic and local, we created, in partnerships with our local producers in Luxembourg and France, an exclusive range of products grown and farmed in our regions.

European organic certification

As a guarantee of transparency and quality, it ensures that the regulations applicable throughout the continent are respected. Producers, processing companies and distributors are checked every year.

The producer’s identity number

To ensure that the precise specifications are fully respected.

Raw materials’ origins

95% of the ingredients are organically produced.