Our providers, our producers, our pride
Long-term trust relationships

To make sure that you get the best quality and undeniable freshness on all our products, we carefully choose our producers.

All our providers respect our “Quality-Freshness” charter’s strict values. Thanks to our local network and long-term partnerships, we ensure the authenticity of our products! Local flavours, nutritional values and prices fair to everyone — these are what we are committed to.

Food traceability from the field to your plate!

Marcel Grosbusch & Sons fruit and vegetables

Since 1917, the family company Marcel Grosbusch & Sons specialises in importing and distributing fruit and vegetables. Combining tradition and innovation, they have become an example in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and beyond. From selection among the producers offer to our shelves, Grosbusch always guarantees quality, freshness and taste!

Cobolux butchers masters

For more than 70 years, the Cobolux butchers rely on quality and local products. They use their passion to pick out the most beautiful meats, all animal welfare-friendly. Cobolux remains faithful to its family traditions and chooses Luxembourg-bred products.

Luxlait, good milk just like in our childhood

The farm group Luxlait develops their unique know-how since 1894. For more than a century, Luxlait has made their production processes evolves while keeping the natural quality of their products. All their products are guaranteed free of preservatives and made with high-quality fresh milk. The group is committed to working only with breeders in Luxembourg, guaranteeing you a 100% authentic taste!

Panelux bakers’ know-how

Since 1913, the Panelux company has found a way to innovate while keeping their essential know-how and authenticity needed to bake bread. A tradition that draws on the impeccable choice of raw ingredients and additive-free family recipes. Thanks its local anchorage, Panelux uses organic ingredients from Luxembourg sustainable agriculture to bake their fresh pieces of bread and therefore fosters the protection of the environment.

La Provençale, Les Halles of Luxembourg

Since the opening of their first retail shop with fine food from the whole world in 1969, La Provençale has known how evolve without ever losing the family vision of their company. Thanks to exemplary traceability, La Provençale guarantees all freshness, wether it is of fish, shellfish, fruit and vegetables, game, poultry, meat, cold cuts or cheeses!

Country cheeses from the Luxembourg dairy

An Italian cheesemonger from the Bari province and a farmer from a milk farm in Fentange created the Luxembourg dairy. Specialised in fresh Italian and Portuguese cheeses, the whole dairy works using a traditional method in their Luxembourg farm. Every day, the 15 employees use their know-how to produce Mozzarella, Ricotta, Scamorza, Burratta, Stracciatella and Bola de Neve in the most traditional way.

Moutarderie de Luxembourg, mustard made in Luxembourg

Since 1922, the Moutarderie de Luxembourg applies their family recipes with 100% natural and preservative free ingredients, which give an original and incomparable taste to Munhoven family products. This traditional know-how and those expectations worth the mustards of the Mourtarderie de Luxembourg a permanent quality.

Naturschutz Fleesch, Angus from Luxembourg

Naturschutz Fleesch means quality local meat, produced in Luxembourg. Animals enjoy 100% herbs food, which grows naturally in the field and covers an average of 15 km per day: enough to ensure slow growth for tender meat with intense flavor. To discover in your Auchan store!

We also work with:

Biogros, Soutirages, Munhowen, Luxembourg Brewery, piwel products, Bernard Massard, Vinsmoselle, Biere fox, Heintz…

Bread from our bakery

Our bakers make our pieces of bread on-site in full respect of the know-how and passion of traditional work. Some pieces of bread even got the precious “Made in Luxembourg” label. To guarantee you an authentic taste, we use flours from the Kleinbettingen Mills that are praised for their excellent quality. Producers of cereal-based products since 1704, they now own one of the most modern mills in Europe.

Quality required
The SuperDrecksKëscht® quality-label

For several years, our merchants have been proud recipients of the SuperDrecksKëscht® quality-label. The label has been developed by the environmental mission of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and rewarded for their environment-conscious commitment.