Lactose-Free Products

Lactose-free products

At Auchan, we believe that everyone, regardless of their dietary preferences and restrictions, should be able to buy products according to their needs. Therefore, we offer you a wide selection of quality products to suit all tastes and budgets!


Lactose-free products are high in essential nutrients for the body like glucose and galactose.


Lactose-free products contain all of the necessary nutrients found in dairy products.

Rich in taste

Lactose intolerance is no reason to give up your desserts, yogurts and other favourite foods!

Affordable lactose-free products

Recently, more and more people have become more attentive to their health. The demand for substances without gluten, lactose, fructose and other complex substances, the intolerance of which is a source of discomfort, has increased.

Due to the fact that lactose is one of the first of the list of complex substances, it is necessary to expand the range of lactose-free products. We care about your health and give you the opportunity not to limit yourself to your favorite products.