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Gluten-Free Diet

Throughout the year, Auchan is committed to make your daily life easier, by offering you a large choice of products everyone can afford.

Gluten is a protein naturally present in certain cereals (hard wheat, spelt, soft wheat, barley and rye)

Gluten intolerance is also known as Coeliac disease

1 out of 100 people in Europe develops an intolerance to gluten

What are the advantages of a gluten-free diet?

Gluten-free products were a welcome addition to our shelves. Far more than a passing fad, a gluten-free diet is very often the solution to a real health problem.

For some people, consuming gluten can provoke discomfort in the digestive system. This could be due to an allergy to wheat, or gluten intolerance. People with gluten intolerance need to completely and permanently exclude foodstuffs containing gluten from their diet, in order to avoid other complications.

European certification

The guarantee of strict regulations and regular monitoring.

Checked gluten-free ingredients

The presence of cereals has to be mentioned within the list of ingredients. Additional information on the manufacturing and storage conditions is also a mandatory, as an indication of possible presence of gluten traces.

The gluten-free logo

and an ear of corn inside a circle, with a strike out line running across it may also appear on the packaging, and help you choose the right products.

Gluten-free products to get varied and tasty substitutes!

And for those who want to eat less or no gluten, we have chosen a wide range of varied and tasty, gluten-free products, and developed our own brand Mieux vivre®. Flour, bread, brioches, pasta, pizzas, and even biscuits… Enjoy the taste of your favourite recipes: all our products are guaranteed 100% gluten-free and are available in your shop and online on Auchan Drive!