Filières Responsables, a guarantee of quality for healthier eating

The “Filière Responsable” approach is part of Auchan’s militant commitment, which places quality products and respect for the environment and local producers at the heart of its business values

Responsible actions

Favouring local providers

All our merchants, wherever they come from, commit to favour local products, grown and farmed close to our stores and to establish direct partnerships with small farmer and manufacturers. That is how we guarantee you the freshest products, while supporting local job creation and limiting our carbon footprint.

Committed to you

At the origin of a “Filière”, there are Men and Women who are passionate about their job, their products, their animals, their terroirs. Through their products, they pass on traditional know-how emblematic of our Luxembourg region and the taste for quality products.

Customer satisfaction

The origin and the traceability of the products are controlled, in order to guarantee food safety and optimal taste qualities, always at an affordable price.


Products with production methods that respect the environment, both in terms of responsible agriculture, careful management of water, and respect for animal welfare.

Social impact

Commitments and partnerships are based on respect to work with trust and duration in order to create a positive social impact.

Economic profitability

The partners are committed over the long term for better job stability and sustainability of the activity.

A drastic selection of products

All the dossiers for the proposed product “Filières” are carefully studied and validated or not by the Comité Filière Auchan, which brings together company workers, but also personalities from the world of agriculture, education and research. The products selected, and which will eventually receive the “Filière Responsable Auchan” logo, must meet a very strict evaluation grid to meet the requirements imposed.

Moulins de Kleinbettingen

In the heart of Luxembourg, the Moulins de Kleinbettingen of the Muller family, millers from father to son for 11 generations, offer high quality local flour.

Thanks to close collaboration with Luxembourg farmers, a strong commitment to sustainable agriculture and passionate millers, the Moulins de Kleinbettingen offer high quality flour.

The quality of their flour owes nothing to chance. It is the result of their philosophy. The mills select batches of pure variety wheat for greater homogeneity. These are constantly checked and classified according to their baking quality.

A large part of their wheat comes from Luxembourg Agriculture “Produit du Terroir”. The Luxembourg Chamber of Agriculture controls all stakeholders in the sector from seed to the processing of wheat into flour. Traceability – Quality – Hygiene – Food Safety – Ecology – Environmental Protection – are the key words of this program.

With the Farin’UP range, the Moulins have revalued cereal and natural products by presenting them in modern and practical packaging.