Eat good, healthy and local:
our commitment

The world and its food are evolving. We want to change your life.

Militant of the good, healthy and local, we have the ambition to offer you products that will fulfill your present and future needs but also products that are good for your health.
With the “Auchan and lives change” project, we want to rethink our consuming habits. Change need to be done from seed to mouth, from production to consumption. To make it happen, we want the production and distribution chains to be 100% transparent and eco-friendly for you to have a unique tasting experience.

Wellness goes with healthy food

Ok. But how can I be sure of what I’m buying?

This is a question that many consumers ask themselves.

We want to bring the consumer closer to his products by guaranteeing healthy products without food preservatives and additives. By 2025, a large product range will be available, preventing ingredients that are bad for your health.

We need to eat healthy but we also want to eat good!

By bringing forward the catering counters in our stores, it will be easy for cooks from beginners to experts to get some advice on creating delicious recipes.

Culinary workshops dedicated to special products (fish, meat, bread, pastry…) will be supervised by professionals to give you tips on cooking an amazing meal.

We want to multiply these types of activities and to set them up in each of our stores in Luxembourg and then through the world.

Here in Luxembourg, in 2018, Anne’s Kitchen made 20 recipes with us. Next year, her collaboration continues with the animation of Master Classes.

Eat healthy, good and also local !

More and more consumers have the need to eat local in order to get the best quality product. This is why we choose our producers carefully. We expect them to be dedicated to the wellbeing of the environment and the animal.

In a close future, the organic range will continue to be developed to guarantee the consumption of a product that is both real and healthy.