Soraïa, Cashier

Soraia is one of the 39 cashiers of the Auchan Differdange store.

Every day, she greets her customers with a big smile and in four different languages!

  • Soraia, what is your role at Auchan?

    I am a cashier, I really love that my job is about being in touch with customers. I greet them, scan their products… with a nice word for each one of them and a smile for every one of them!

    We all now that the checkout is not the best time of grocery shopping; my role is to make it pleasant. We are the last people a customer sees before leaving the store, so smiling is essential! We also try to listen as much as possible to their desires and requests: no customer should leave with a question in mind.

  • How do you manage to greet each one of them with a personal touch?

    Did you know that there are more that 167 nationalities living in Luxembourg? Well, we try to talk to each one of them in their own mother tongue or in the one they understand best!

  • In practical terms, how does it work?

    It is very simple! In front of each checkout counter, there are small flags with languages spoken by the cashier so the customers can choose one that speaks their language. For example, I speak French, Luxembourgish, German, and of course Portuguese because I am from Portugal.

  • I guess that a lot of people from the Portuguese community come first and foremost to your checkout counter?

    Yes, I have a lot of Portuguese regulars: even though they often speak and understand French or Luxembourgish, they are happy and almost reassured to speak Portuguese! They tend to confide more in me, I am kind of a friend to them… And of course they call me by my first name!

    We are the only chain to offer this service and I really think it is nicer for the customers. Can you imagine that 90% of my colleagues speak at least two languages?

  • So there is no language barrier! But how do you manage the line up at checkout?

    Again, we do everything to make it as smooth as possible. Everyday, a manager directs customers to the right checkout counter – and when they have only two or three products, we guide them towards automatic checkout.

    I personally speed up when I feel I should, but always with a smile and by making sure that I have answered to the questions of all my customers.

  • Do you have any examples of little gestures you can do for them?

    I always ask them if they need help: if an older person comes, I stand up and help them put their groceries in their bag.

    At Differdange, we do not touch money anymore. Customers have to put it in machines themselves. It sometimes requires some explanations! I show them if they do not understand how it works. All these little gestures are important before saying goodbye…

  • And how do you say goodbye?

    Very simply and with a big smile: “Thank you, have a nice day! Merci, bonne journée à vous ! Danke, einen schönen Tag! Merci, huet e gudden D! Obrigada, tenha um bom dia!”…

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