Mickaël, Shelf Filler

Mickael is one of our restockers at the liquids department and at the Drink Shop at our Auchan Differdange store.

Thanks to him, you will find everything you need in our shelves!

  • Mickael, is a restocker the one restocking the shelves?

    Exactly, yes! My job: allowing the clients to always find all the products we carry. I am in charge of the liquids, so I take care of wines and spirits, soft drinks and water.

    It is also important to keep everything at its own place on the shelves. I pay special attention to products that have been moved and put them back in the right place!

  • You are in charge of handling products; do you just go from the warehouse to the shelf without taking caring about the customers?

    That is underestimating my role, or rather our role! At Auchan, we take special care of our customers. I am more that a restocker: I listen to and support the customers. The simple fact to be around in the aisle can sometimes be reassuring: our customers know that if they have a question, I will be there to answer it, help them find a product or grab a bottle on a higher shelf.

    We pay attention to make our offer evolve according to everyone’s needs, so I also question clients to know what we should improve. For example, I ask them if some products are missing. It is very simple but it allows us to make small changes so they are fully satisfied!

  • It really seems like you are the one guiding them through the full range of aisles, products, and references?

    Guiding them is part of my job! Just imagine 430 wines, 350 different bottles of spirits and more than 600 soft drinks and waters… Just take the wines: our wide range comes from all around the world, so customers need to be guided. Our help and presence are essential!

  • What do customers ask about the most?

    I have a lot of questions about soft drinks and whether or not they contain sugar. Our customers pay more and more attention to that. That is why we made sure to have enough natural juices when we developed the department. We get a lot of questions about waters, too: parents ask us what water is the best for their new born’s bottle, for example.

  • Do you spend your whole day answering customers’ questions in the aisle?

    Not exactly, because I also work at the Drink Shop and it takes a big chunk of my time. The service completely changes the way we shop and make our customers’ lives easier. Picking up the heaviest and largest products by car, without getting out of the car… it is a small revolution!

    We take care of everything: we load waters, cleaning products, cat litter, coal… everything that usually clutters a trolley. In just a few minutes, your shopping is done in the most effortless way!

  • Does the relationship you have with customers change when you are at the Drink Shop?

    It is a bespoke offer. At the Drink Shop, you are fully working for one customer at the time. I think it is nice for the customer, but it is also nice for all my colleagues and me. We help each other out; we find something nice to say to everyone.

    Everyone should come to the Drink Shop: all our regular clients say it is a very nice and really practical experience!

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