Top reasons why you should join us!

If kindness, wellbeing and a passion for service are values close to your heart? Join our Auchan Retail team!

Our company’s vision ‘Auchan changes your life’ is the driving force behind everything we do to better serve our customers, our partners and, most of all, our collaborators. We want everyone to be able to express his or her aspirations and expectations. Trust, openness and excellence are so many ways in which we practice our profession, working closely with all our partners.


The key to efficient and goodwill collaborations!

Open mind

Without an open mind, there is no room for innovation! Constantly seeking to improve our services, we make sure that tomorrow is never the same as yesterday.


High standards, ambition and passion are essential. We always want the best, wether for our products, services or teams.

A profession with a meaning

Working with Auchan Retail makes your professional life meaningful. Our history and positioning as a humane, activist and innovative business allows us to be there for our customers everyday, making their lives easier. Both in our shops and online, Auchan Retail is synonymous with eating better, wellbeing and a new attractive shopping overall experience. Organic or loose products, affordable prices, good quality, smiles and positive attitudes: collaborating with Auchan Retail means offering every customer the best.

Achieving your goals

Our success is above all the one of our collaborators and shopkeepers! To ensure their professional experience fulfils their expectations, we invest in knowledge sharing. Throughout their career, they enjoy a personalised follow-up to find solutions that fit every aspiration. Mobility, training, work conditions, career evolution… We provide complete support for each of our employees. Aiming for more and growing together, is also key at Auchan Retail.

Feeling good

Our partners’ well being is important to us. We ensure this philosophy is shared in concrete acts. Ready to listen to each of them, we offer them jobs that suit their skills, along with training opportunities. We value diversity and show our appreciation for it. Improving people’s lives at work, every single day, is one of our main preoccupations.

For all these reasons, each of our 345 396 partners, in the 17 countries where we are present, shares Auchan Retail’s success!