Auchan Retail: Who are we?

Auchan Retail is above all a human enterprise, committed to offering you the best products, at the best prices.

Our teams, present in 17 countries, are driven by a passion for their profession as retailers, to create and reinvent shops that fulfil all your needs, every single day.

A new generation of retailer

To change our clients, our colleagues and all our partners’ lives, we decided to create and run a new retail generation. As activists working for good, healthy and local products, we provide a combination of physical and digital shops to allow everyone to live better in every country where we are present, and to offer them a new shopping experience. By focusing all our efforts on the human element, we contribute to ensuring a meaningful and attractive future for the retail food profession.

A leader in the world food retail business

In just over 55 years, Auchan Retail has established shops in 17 European, Asian and African countries. In twelfth position amongst the international retail food distributors, Auchan Retail is the 4th most international, with over 67% of its annual turnover generated outside its country of origin, and about 4,000 shops under its banner. It has seen a structured development, based both on its own growth as well as franchise agreements and local partnerships.

Auchan Retail’s turnover was 51.7 billion euros in 2016 and it occupies a strong position in all the countries where it is present, with a single brand in each country, appreciated by its clients.

It is the 35th largest employer in the world, with over 345,000 collaborators and is one of the rare companies of this size to be owned by the people who contribute to its development. The founding family and 263,000 collaborators, or over 76 % of our staff in the world, have shares in the capital of this clearly human company.

Figures for 2016


billion euros of turnover, before tax


largest employer in the world with 345,365 collaborators


largest retail food distributor in the world


billion clients going through our checkout lanes

A ‘phygital’ business

We have created shops that are closer to you, both physically and digitally, to fulfil all your needs when it matters the most. Everything is possible: you can shop online from your smartphone or your computer, pick up your order in the shop, or come in your car to collect it at our Auchan Drive… In our hyperconnected world, we have known how to adapt to allow everyone to find a personalised response to his or her expectations.

Activist for good, healthy and local products

Our collaborators, shopkeepers and producers commit to ensuring your well being and the one of your children. Our key idea is to provide “Quality Fresh Produce” under any circumstances. Selections of fresh, seasonal, local produce, exemplary networks… All over the world, Auchan Retail’s 345,000 collaborators fight for socially responsible products that respect man and the planet, naturally…

Human beings are fundamental to our business

Trust, openness and excellence, all our collaborators and partners embody the company’s strong human values. A state of mind they share with you, every day in our shops.

A passionate team
Our vision 2025: Auchan changes your life

In a world where expectations are evolving increasingly rapidly, in 2025 we want to contribute to actively changing the lives of 8 billion people living on our planet. We intend to be a new generation business committed to offering you the quality of our exclusive products, our carefully selected offers, our discount prices and an excellent customer experience. To make your daily life easier, we make sure we provide everything you need, online and in our shops. Attentive to your well being and your health, quality and local produce are central to our commitments.

Auchan Retail Luxembourg


The year Auchan Retail was established in Luxembourg


collaborators representing 25 nationalities


passionate artisans