Laptop computers, smartphones and small household appliances are an everyday must! But they can also weigh heavily on your budget.

You no longer have to choose between price and quality as we offer a whole range of innovative and affordable products within the following categories: multimedia, image, sound, telephone and household appliances. That is Qilive promise – exclusive to Auchan.

Qilive: the best of technology at a low price

So that you don’t have to choose between price and quality, we offer you a whole range of innovative and affordable products in the multimedia, image, sound, telephony and household appliance sectors. This is the Qilive promise – a brand of high tech products to be found exclusively in the Auchan store closest to you.


Aesthetic design with smart options, to enhance modern technology.


Ergonomic products to simplify your everyday life.


A quality comparable to that offered by the market leaders, at exclusive prices!


All Qilive products have a 2-year warranty. This warranty can be extended to 3 years for TVs and large household appliances.


Looking for a powerful computer to play online games, a tablet to check your favourite sites from the comfort of your sofa or just a keyboard, a flash drive, or other accessories? We have what you need! Qilive products are designed so that every member of your family can enjoy them, from neophytes to experts.

Audio and video

We are with you when you are looking for headphones, Bluetooth speakers, a television… Our products are designed to adapt to your expectations. Rediscover for example the joy of high quality sound, when and where you want, with our Qilive Premium Bluetooth & NFC Headphones!

Smartphones and connected objects

More interested in connected objects? Have a look at our smartphones, watches, trackers… Always more efficient and attractive, with outstanding quality at unbeatable prices! With the Qilive Smartband connected Watch, you can monitor the details of your daily activity: your fitness, thanks to a heart rate monitor and an integrated pedometer, and your rest time with its sleep analysis app.

Household appliances

Our site and shops offer a wide range products for your home! And, as we pay close attention not only to the quality of your life, but also to your personal well being, our engineers at Auchan have designed for you a whole range of Qilive trendy wellbeing products, easy to use. From massage chairs to hair-dryers, rediscover the pleasure of taking care of yourself, effortlessly!

I offered my partner the Qilive massage chair for his birthday: I can only say that after seeing how relaxed it made him, I had to try it myself. The massage is gentle, and the warmth is… delightful! It is really a pleasure after a day’s work spent sitting in a chair!


Reliable products guarantee

All our engineers master high international standards in terms of quality.

All our Qilive products are tested and checked in independent laboratories.

Each product is evaluated during the production process to ensure it meets your expectations.

Our After Sales Service offers a 2 or 3-year guarantee, depending on the product’s category.