Unlock the potential of the child and you will transform the world with him "- Maria Montessori.

Support children and help them grow up well

Supporting children and helping them grow up well

The Auchan One Two Fun range of toys continues to surprise and reinvent itself to the delight of our children!

This is inspired by Montessori pedagogy and offers simple, stimulating toys that help them build themselves at a young age.

Montessori pedagogy follows the natural development of children and offers material to refine the 5 senses.

Who is Emmanuelle Opezzo?

To develop this new playful and creative range, we called on the skills of Emmanuelle Opezzo, a consultant trained in Montessori pedagogy.

Learning to do alone is one of the cornerstones of the Montessori philosophy.

Autonomy is a precious key to helping your child to build solidly.

We have therefore designed and adapted toys that arouse their interest and respond to their natural sensibilities.

Respond to your child's natural sensitivities.

Our range is inspired by the principles of this pedagogy in order to offer toys that support children’s sensitivities and help them grow well and build themselves well.

The principles of Montessori pedagogy on which we rely to develop our toys are as follows:

– A simple and unique goal made possible by isolating the difficulties in a game

– Motor and / or sensory stimulation of the child

– Self-correction by the child

– A harmonious and refined aestheticism

– Development of concentration and logical thinking


Make your child aware of the nuances of sizes and shapes by a game of layering

Visual recognition of shapes

Develops the ability to sort shapes through manipulation

Fine motor skills and concentration

Promotes the manipulation and exploration of constructions in space

Range of wooden toy

This range and its packaging are made from materials from sustainably managed forests. The packaging of our infant products also has a small window so that parents can touch the product.

One Two Fun, grow up having fun!

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