The breakfast made in Auchan!

For every coffee lover !

Come and discover the breakfast made in Auchan!

This year, Auchan is offering you all new, exclusive and unique recipes that have character.

To be sure to meet everyone’s desires, our recipes have been tested by more than 900 consumers!

In addition to a wide choice of flavors, our capsules are made from recycled aluminum.

The Espresso Classico

The “Espresso Classico” collection will go perfectly with your little break!

The Ristretto

Discover the richness of our ristretto coffees with their rich and authentic aromas!

The Lungo

A soft and delicate taste that prompts us to come back for a last one!

We are fond of the new range of chocolate!

New recipes for food lovers !

Auchan is committed to manufacturing quality products:

Our products are made from 100% cocoa butter without vegetable oil.

The chocolate range also has the Rainforest certification:

Contribution to the fight against deforestation and climate change and to the creation of better working conditions for rural populations.

Extra fine black

Let yourself be tempted by this sublime extra fine dark chocolate in 3x 100 grams

Chocolate bars

Let yourself be melted by these delicious chocolate bars filled with milk

Heart of milk

Would you not regain a little happiness with these creamy tablets with a heart of milk?

Retrouvez en magasin toutes les autres marques Auchan qui sauront répondre à vos envies du quotidien !