Femme et sapin de noël

Hello Winter: a polar decoration for Christmas

Published on 12/15/2021

For Christmas this year, your interior is dressed in white, blue and silver.
Cold colours to evoke the elegance of the Great North and dream of festivities under the snow.

Discover all the products in the Hello Winter range to decorate your home, from the tree to the fireplace to your Christmas table.

Hello Winter, the delicacy of polar colours

With the Actuel products from the Hello Winter range, fly to the Great North to celebrate Christmas.

Thanks to the combination of cold colours, your interior takes on the air of a soft, peaceful and elegant ice floe. And it’s even better to enjoy the beauty of the polar landscape while staying warm at home, isn’t it?

Lutin et plante pour Noël

In terms of shades, white has pride of place, recalling the purity of the snowy expanses of the northern countries

It is punctuated here and there with silver elements and shades of blue: one dark and slightly grey, the other lighter, in a glacier spirit. Finally, touches of dark grey underline the elegance of these refreshing tones.

Sapin de Noël et décoration

Nature invites itself into your decor

Once the colour scheme is in place, it’s time to add some patterns to spice up your decor. The Hello Winter collection takes the iconic Christmas motifs and combines them with the world of cold and ice.
Snowflakes, stalactites, a snowman dressed in white and silver and other references to the mountains transform your home into a real chalet.

Décoration pour sapin de Noël

Nature has not finished taking over your home

Cute little creatures from the cold also make an appearance: reindeer, penguins, white owls and polar bears are all available in the collection’s key colours.
Finally, to continue to play on the winter atmosphere, the Actuel products in the Hello Winter range also rely on material effects: frosted aspect, bleached wood, white, grey or blue wool, wolf-like fake fur, porcelain, etc. So, are you ready for a change of scenery?

Hello Winter decoration, from the tree to the dining table

To help you create the perfect Christmas atmosphere, Hello Winter products come in all shapes and sizes.
The traditional Christmas tree is the king of the forest and the living room, and it too can be decorated with the soft colours of the Hello Winter range.
In addition to the balls and stars on its branches, you can decorate it with snowflakes, little bears or fairies. If you prefer, you can also let reindeer and penguins run around on your furniture, tables and shelves.

Décoration de table

To make the most of the winter atmosphere, you will find wooden chalets, small fir trees, elves and large Christmas socks to hang on your fireplace.

And Christmas usually means a delicious meal to share with your loved ones.

To savour this moment literally and figuratively, what could be better than a beautifully decorated table, always in white, grey and blue tones? Count on white porcelain plates, marked with a snowflake, and glasses with a frosted effect to bring a touch of magic to your New Year’s Eve.

Table de Noël

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