A small card for big savings!

Auchan card:  Save euros when you buy.

Accumulate euros on your Auchan account by purchasing the indicated products in the shop.
The Auchan Card: nothing could be more simple!

  •     Spot the products that will earn euros for you.  A sign in the shop indicates the amount that will be credited to your Auchan account.
  •     When purchasing Auchan, Mmm! and Rik and Rok food products, 5% will be credited on your card, and 10% on Tuesdays.
  •     Show your card to the checkout hostess when you pay.
  •     Accumulate euros as you buy in our Auchan shop in Luxembourg.
  •     The amount on your Auchan account is indicated at the bottom of your receipt.
  •     Credit one and the same Auchan account with the 3 additional mini-cards for each member of your family.
  •     Spend your euros as you like:  for instance, during your next visit to reduce the amount paid for sizeable purchases or just to treat yourself.

How to get an Auchan card

Capitalise on all its advantages now!  Ask for your Auchan loyalty card.  It is free!

Go to “Auchan Card” or the Service Corner in your Auchan shop.

You can also order your card on line by completing the form here, and then pick up your card at our Service Corner.