Responsible company


Waste recycling:
Auchan Luxembourg sorts 100% and recovers 86% of its waste.
It was awarded the SuperDrecksKëscht quality label in 2008.

Eco-labelled household products:
Auchan has designed a range of ecological household products that meet the European ecolabel biodegradability requirements.
They contain no phosphates (to protect the water), and no toxic or bio-accumulatable products.
Scented substances are of natural origin.
Grease removing agents are plant-based.
The alcohol and citric acid used for cleaning sprays are based on fermented sugar beet.

Reduction of packaging for Auchan and Pouce products:
Auchan made packaging reduction its priority in 2010:
- Either by reducing the weight and volume of the packaging;
- Or by promoting new materials made of recycled products or of renewable origin and/or easily renewable.

Protection of fish resources:
The Auchan group is intent on providing its customers sustainable access to the benefits of fish resources
- by discontinuing to market threatened species
- by promoting the sale of farmed fish with a low environmental impact:  Tilapia from Brazil, oysters and mussels farmed in large majority on the French coasts
- By providing information so that customers can proceed to responsible consumption and act in favour of sustainable development.


Making the life of blind and visually impaired people easier.
Auchan offers more than 1000 products every day labelled in Braille.

Promoting fair trade:
Auchan was one of the first large retailers to promote fair trade and to market products bearing the Max Havelaar label issued to items that meet the international fair trade standards.

In favour of the poorest segments of society: Auchan Luxembourg joins the“ Stëmm vun der Strooss ”.
Thanks to our “Freshness Quality” charter, which provides for the withdrawal of products from our shelves sufficiently before their best-by date, so that our customers can consume them in good time, we now contribute to the development of more than 100 meals prepared daily in the association.