Good nutition

Freshness quality


We withdraw:
- biscuits, tinned and frozen foods one month before their best-before date;
- yoghurts,* cheeses and meat products sold in our self-service shelves 6 days before their best-before date;
- Fresh milk 2 days before its best-before date;
- Hamburger, poultry, industrial pastry from the grocery section, cut and packaged salads, ham for roasting, frying and reheating one day before their best-before date.
*Please note:  The “petit basque,” “petit gourmet” and “yarden” ranges are excluded, as their ultra-fresh ingredients require shorter withdrawal dates.

If you encounter a quality problem with a fresh product, we will reimburse you twice the price (upon presentation of the product).  There will be no reimbursement on personal grounds.


The new Auchan nutrition labelling is intended for all Auchan brand products to help you with an optimally balanced daily diet.
The recipes of Auchan and Rik&Rok products are adapted to reduce salt, sugar and fats.
Auchan offers a range of several hundreds of organic products, plus special daily offers for fresh fish, fruits and vegetables.