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Auchan will reimburse you for any item that does not give you full satisfaction within 15 days of your purchase (and within 3 days for discounted products), if they are brought back in flawless condition and without any traces of use.
To that end, you must present
1/ The item and its packaging or label in their original state
2/ Your receipt
Not included in these conditions:  Fresh and frozen products, tickets, mobile telephony with subscription, satellites with subscription, prepaid cards (gift cards, telephone cards, etc…)

Reimbursement method at Reception

  • For payments with a bank card = reimbursement by bank card (outside Bancomat)
  • For payments in cash:  reimbursement in cash

Specific features:  Home equipment and appliances

  • Software, video games, CDs, and DVDs are reimbursed at Reception, if the packaging is intact.  (Cultural products must be brought back in their original cellophane film, to protect the intellectual property rights of the artists).
  • If they have been opened and are not suitable because of media error:  the after-sales service issues an exchange voucher for the same title only.
  • If they have been opened and do not work:  Ditto:  consumables and accessories are reimbursed at Reception, if the packaging is intact.
  • Tickets, prepaid telephone cards, mobile phones with subscription, and satellites with subscription are not taken back.

Specific features:  Home and Leisure

  • Books sold without cellophane film must be intact and without any traces of use. Plants that have failed to take root are reimbursed within 6 months upon presentation of the receipt.  We will take back home linen unpacked, provided that the original packaging is added, and upon presentation of the receipt.
  • Batches, service, etc. are taken back in their entirety ONLY.

Specific features:  Textiles

Articles of clothing must be brought back labelled and must not have been worn.  Large childcare items (car seats, prams, furniture, etc.) are managed by the after-sales service.  Communion dresses, festive attire or evening clothes and shoes will not be reimbursed.  For all Jewellery return:  go to the Jewellery department. 

Specific features:  Consumer goods

Returns of corked wine are carried out subsequent to the advice of a wine advisor.  Items not consumed in the cellar (cf. communion, wedding, etc.) are reimbursed upon presentation of the receipt at reception only (and not at the drink shop) in the presence of a wine advisor.  Products from the Health and Beauty corner are returned at Reception. Beauty and hygiene products must not have been used, and their packaging must not have been opened under any circumstances.


If in spite of our precautions, some of the articles in our catalogues, are not available, Auchan shall:
- Order them, where possible;
- Provide you with a similar product, if available, under the same pricing conditions as in the catalogue; or if no similar product is available
- Offer you one or more products of the immediately higher range, by granting you a discount on the superior product. 
The request must be made without fail during the period of the catalogue’s validity.

This commitment does NOT apply to:
- Catalogues or products that indicate “limited quantities;”
- Fully (100%) reimbursed products;
- Products that must be pre-ordered by the customer from our shop and are mentioned as such in our catalogue.

Auchan will decide on its own about any replacement products proposed (similar product or higher range).  Under no circumstances will this choice be left up to the discretion of the customer.
Similar product: The product has characteristics close to the product offered in the catalogue in terms of quality, size, technical characteristics, and brand recognition, and enjoys the same conditions of warranty.
Higher product range:  The product has superior characteristics compared to the product in the catalogue in terms of quality, technical characteristics, size or brand recognition.


Your Auchan shop undertakes to reply to any suggestion or question within 48 hours of receipt of your query.



The Auchan checkout staff spare no effort to facilitate the checkout process.  Priority checkout counters are made available for people with reduced mobility and pregnant women.
Express checkout counters for a basket with fewer than 10 items are at your disposal at all times.