Purchasing power


If you find an identical product sold for less in a competing shop
* Within 15 days of your purchase (promotional offers and sales not included), for all sectors (not including home equipment).  The commercial services (ticketing, financial or insurance products, telephony with subscription, etc.) are not concerned.
* Within 30 days of your purchase, including promotional offers (not including sales) for the home equipment sector (technical goods).
Documents to be submitted:  1) Original of the receipt as proof of purchase in our shop; 2) Original pro-forma invoice (stamp and signature) from the competing shop dated within the 15 days after your purchase.

Identical product:  The products compared must be strictly identical, i.e. same bar code, same brand, same packaging, same wrapping and, for fresh products, same grade and same origin.  They must be sold by the competing shop under the same conditions of guarantee, after sales service, etc.
Competing shop:  Major generalist or specialist retailer offering the same type of service and having the same mode of distribution as your Auchan shop – not including, in particular, distance selling networks (mail order, Internet, etc.), wholesalers or discounters.  The competing shop must be located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
Definition of the price:  The reimbursement of the difference will be calculated on the basis of the actual selling price charged by the competing shop.  All forms of deferred discounts relating to these products, i.e. reductions on the next purchases, printing or display errors by our competitor (who has posted such errors accordingly in his shop), are excluded.
Reimbursement procedures:  The reimbursement will be carried out in our shop after due verification.


Auchan offers you 5% savings every day, and 10% on Tuesdays on Auchan products with your “Auchan” card.  This commitment is valid for the “Auchan” “Rik&Rok,” “Mieux Vivre” and “Mmm” food products, the “Sélection Auchan” spirits, “Pierre Chanau” wines, hardware, hygiene, perfumes, pet products, home and leisure and home equipment.  Not included:* smoking articles; * products packaged and/or made directly in the shop, from the fruit and vegetable section, and our meat, poultry, bakery and cake shop;* products from our seafood, cheese and cooked meats catering stands;* “Pouce” and “In Extenso” brand products. 

The savings are accumulated in euros on your “Auchan” account.  The Auchan loyalty programme is open to all natural persons over 18 years of age. The Auchan card is placed freely at your disposal in your shop within the limits of a customer account (same name, same address).


Auchan REIMBURSES THE DIFFERENCE, within 30 days of your purchase of a TV, video, photo, household appliance, IT or Hi-Fi product, if you note a DROP in PRICE in our shop.
This commitment concerns only the products sold in our Auchan shops, not including the sales.  The difference will be reimbursed upon production of your receipt or invoice within 30 days of your purchase and after due verification in our shop.